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Planning for Great Disney Vacations

Have you been considering taking a trip down to Orlando with the family, but don't know how to plan for Disney vacations? Disneyworld has a great deal to offer for the entire family, if you plan properly for the trip ahead of time. With proper planning, you can avoid spending more money than you have to and still have a great time. Disney vacations can eat up a great deal of money before you even realize it, so be sure to plan ahead and you can prevent this from happening to a certain degree. Follow the simple tips offered here and you'll get the most out of Disney vacations.

Other than spending too much money, Disney can also be a tremendous crowd magnet, quickly becoming overwhelming. If you visit during the peak times at the park, during the busy season, you'll see some tremendous crowds at the park. During these peak times for Disney vacations, the wait time on certain rides can be hours long. Reservations for some of the more popular events can be very difficult to get as well if you wait too long. Th easiest way to cut down on the crowds is to wait until the cooler months before taking Disney vacations. If this is at all possible, strongly consider delaying Disney vacations until later in the year. You will save on airline fare, lodging, and have to wait in line far less.

Crowds will be significantly smaller during January or February, involving far less frustration.

If you decide to go during the winter season, there are a couple of disadvantages. Be sure to check maintenance schedules on popular rides, as rides are sometimes stopped for routine repairs during the quieter months. Also be aware that some of the more popular shows and events will not take place during slower times at the park. All the same, taking Disney vacations during the slow season may be very well worth it.

Deciding where to stay in Orlando is an important factor in determining how much you'll end up paying. Although the Disney resorts can be quite expensive, you may really want to consider staying there. Once you factor in a rental car for offsite hotels, staying at the Disney resorts may actually cost about the same. Staying at the Disney resorts also offers a couple of other enticing bonuses, such as the Magic pass, allowing you to skip ahead on some rides and attractions. Offsite hotels may have a shuttle service with frequent trips out to the park, but it is still a significant inconvenience to put up with.

Carefully consider ticket options as well. Buying the basic ticket for Disney vacations will give you access to a single park. For more freedom, consider going with the park hopping option. Although it is an additional expense, it will give you the freedom to change between parks as you wish. Access to the water parks is also an additional option that must be paid for.

Before you go out to Disneyworld, be sure to pack some necessities. Good walking shoes and sunscreen are an absolute must on any Disney vacations. Also consider taking a change of clothes, especially if you are visiting any of the water parks during Disney vacations. It is also important that the entire family agree on a central point to gather at if someone should become separated from the group. Make this central point an obvious landmark that is easy to reach and allow someone to be easily spotted.

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